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Wash Design Studio was founded in 2003 and since then we've worked hard to stay true to what we are good at and what we believe in – caring more about producing content that's engaging and effective than simply following the crowd. We've always taken our own road and perhaps it's this road less travelled that makes all the difference.

So quietly over the years, we've been turning our hunger for design into commercial success for clients large and small. We've taken all the innovations of the past few years in our stride and today create work across all points of communication, from brand & corporate identity to web & digital design, and from motion graphics & film to interior & environmental design.

Our work is delivered with intelligence, produced with a carefully considered approach and a rigorous methodology that has proven itself time and again. But we don't do it alone. We believe the best route to effective design is working with clients – not for them.

So we collaborate through meaningful, open relationships, rooted in well-earned respect and complete honesty. The better we get to know each other and the better we can share ideas and insights, the better the results. We've always aimed for high standards of creativity, but it's our friendly, down-to-earth attitude that makes it possible.

We have been labelled as 'straight-talking northern folk' and it's a badge we wear with pride and an approach many people dearly warm to. We are far from the metropolitan, cosmopolitan urbanites yet often rub shoulders. We find ourselves more at ease out in the landscape, either on foot or on two wheels.

However, this doesn't mean we're not in tune, far from it. As a team we immerse ourselves in the cultural world, working hard to explore what's happening in the arts, discovering where the latest trends are leading and attend events, exhibitions and lectures across the country and overseas. Even presenting our own talks from time to time.