The View From Here

by Andy

It’s been a while, I’ll agree. Yet if everything was so predictable, life would be boring! And for those that know Wash, you’ll know things are far from predictable... But hey, at least I’ve got around to it, the Wash Autumn Newsletter!

It should have been the summer newsletter, however all I can say to that is what summer? For me at least this year, summer has been cancelled. My plans turned to dust for one reason or another. That’s life... an unpredictable roller coaster.

But to be honest with you, although that all sounds a little ‘hard done by’ I’m not looking for the sympathy vote here - we’ve had our most exciting year for some time... we’ve been engaging with brands we never in our wildest dreams thought we would, we’ve been here there and everywhere (even Peterbourough!)... and still more to come.

So the view from here right now is pretty good. Let’s stay here for a while and get the picnic rug out.

Light & Motion

I must confess, we are the world’s worst studio for not ‘bigging ourselves up’ - we don’t capitilise on our bragging rights enough! But we can’t help being the humble folk we are. We’re here to make our clients look good, it’s not about us.

However, in this game you are only as good as your last job... so on that note we are extremely proud to announce that we have delivered one our most challenging jobs to date and for Jaguar Land Rover of all people... no mean feat I can tell you.

Over the last 12 months or so we have been putting together a major arts peice for the company that has had us engaing with paint throwing over F-Types, going at speeds in excess of 170mph and exploring factory parts that opened our eyes to what goes into making these great cars.

See link:

It’s been a really engaging and challenging project to work on and with more to come over the coming months, we’ll see where it takes us. But we’ve had many more great projects on over the last 6 months that have been a real privelage to work on too. From creating the new brand WOW24/7 for Johnstone Press, to working with the wonderful folk down at the Peak District Artisans in Buxton...

And then there is Lunar. The new 2015/16 marketing material. From photoshoots, film shoots, design, digital... They are ‘the leading light’.

See Link:

We’re are hoping now for the remainder of 2015 and into early 2016 to keep building on this momentum... we’ll keep trying hard to keep standards high, the work engaging and we’ll continue to push hard on the doors of the people we want to work with. We are coming for you!

...And a quick thanks to Tony Blake for taking our studio mug shots for the creds deck. I’m really pleased with them... and love the team shot below!