Nice to be recognised

by Andy

With so much news flying around on the internet these days, the PR machine is running at hyper speed. Stories come and go, we fire our news out to the design press and the rest and it's old news in an instant... if it gets published at all.

So, to have your work printed in books... well, that to us is special. Books are around for a long time, we like to hope, and you become a part of the global design archive. Something to be proud of we feel.

OK, this is no big deal to many, it's only two books and for the same project, but it's in there! We want it to make it the start of more to come. So keep an eye and... and go buy the books!

The project published was our Clifton Arms Hotel branding exercise. We took the old crest of arms of the Clifton family and the type style that is carved in the stone at the top of the building and re-created it. Re-drawing the shield and making it a simpler graphic. Hand drawn with pencil, pen and ink!