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Logo/Brand Development

When the very first hole was dug for MediaCityUK Wash were there. Our task was to create a brand for the development – to turn what had been only an idea into a living reality. Our Art Directed photography was to reflect the many aspects of human emotion that we felt media evokes, but also created a logo not only as a static mark, but as a moving ident to reflect the emergence of the whole development. Working closely with our animators, we wanted to create something with a strong symbolic presence and a certain complexity to reflect the diversity that has ultimately brought this unique development to life.

This project was created in conjunction with various Stakeholders including the BBC and Salford Council and University, with many Stakeholder meetings and engagement.

New Logo/Brand/Creative Concept/Copytone/Copywriting/Stationery/Banners/Posters/Postcards/Brochures/Art Direction/Film/Photography/Launch Event Film/Public Space/Stakeholder Engagement/BBC

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