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Hyundai IONIQ

IONIQ Press Launch Identity

IONIQ – was the first car in the world to offer separate hybrid, full electric and plug in hybrid powertrains within one body type. Seductively styled with smart technology and a driving experience that’s responsive and rewarding, IONIQ represents the next-generation in eco-friendly vehicles. Hyundai needed a Press Event to hit the message home. 

Wash were asked to produce a specific brand identity for the launch that was to take place across the North West at various locations and in various large geodesic dome tents.

'Shaping The Future' was derived from the fact this was a world first in offering three variations of an electric vehicle. Our shape was a three sided geometric shape that would morph into variations of that theme and used as a backdrop to all the graphic material supplied.

Once the brand identity and visual look was created we made a series of large canvas panels that could be laid out in any particular order, giving sound bytes about the new vehicles. Plus a series of hanging canvas banners for added drama.

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