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Web Development & Promotional Film

Wash have worked with the Holgates family for many years and as Frank Holgate always use to say 'we are like the bad penny that keeps turning up' - read into that what you like, but we keep on coming back.

This time our task was to build an all inclusive website complete with booking system. All very technical and complex apparently, but it looks and works great now complete. But also to bring the website to life we produced a short ad with the very helpful guys at Red Digital. We produced this short film to capture a few more hearts and minds and to show how great the location is up here in the North West of England... it comes highly recommended.

And let's not forget that squirrel. Once a small favour done on the back of a fag packet, it's slowly been refined over the years. But we are not allowed to change it too much as it's so recognisable in the area. There's a lesson learnt.

Brand Development/Design/Web


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